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Open Stance Audio: Cecchinato’s Cinderella Run, Amitraj Talks College Tennis, the UTR, and more!

Stephen Amitraj Talks Coaching, College Tennis and UTR

This episode features guest Stephen Amitraj. Amitraj has been a key factor in American tennis as a coach of many notable players, both men and women. Most recently he served as the Director of Collegiate Tennis for the USTA, where he helped college tennis players in their transition to the pro tour. He is now the Chief Tennis Officer at UTR Powered by Oracle.

Stephen and Joey discuss being a young coach, his role in helping collegiate players, and how he hopes to grow the sport at UTR


Marco Cecchinato's Cinderella Run Raises Questions

Joey is joined by freelance tennis writer Ben Rothenberg to discuss the shocking upset of Marco Cecchinato, who took out Novak Djokovic to reach the Roland Garros semifinals. The 25 year old Italian had never won a grand slam match prior to this tournament.

And his story isn't all "Cinderella"; he was convicted of match fixing just two years ago by the Italian Tennis Federation but got off on a loophole. Ben discusses these details and more.


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