• CDT Staff

TENCO and CDT Bring US Players a British Tennis Experience

Pictured Above: Cal Loveridge, CEO and Co-Founder of TENCO Management and the Director of Tennis at Coral Gables Athletic Club demonstrates volleying technique during a No-Bounce Clinic

We at Cliff Drysdale Tennis are relentless in our pursuit to grow the game of tennis and provide the most fun, unique and high quality instruction worldwide. We believe that a well-rounded approach from different coaching styles is integral to providing this high level of instruction. To bring a more international approach to the American game, Don Henderson of Cliff Drysdale Tennis joined forces with LTA certified tennis professional Callum Loveridge of the United Kingdom to establish TENCO.

TENCO operates a certification and training program for LTA trained coaches focusing on the fundamentals of classic British and LTA methods of tennis coaching, as well as activation of themed tennis events and tennis instructional programs which feature an authentic British tennis experience and education for participants.

TENCO’s goal for US tennis is to reintegrate the British Experience and its quintessential serve and volley back into the modern game, as it’s mastery and strategic use is integral to every player’s arsenal and foundation and has fallen by the wayside in the US over the last 20+ years (as has the development of top ranked US players in international competition). Today, most American players are taught by their American coaches to be baseline players. British style training methods focus on players utilizing their “net game” via the serve and volley and other aggressive strokes executed before the bounce. Training utilizing this technique for juniors and adults provides a well-rounded foundation that will ultimately improve American players from the local club player to the competitive tournament player.

To activate this coaching methodology on a widespread platform, Loveridge created a proprietary clinic program titled “No Bounce Tennis” which develops player skills by applying fundamentals of the serve and volley art form in a modern game setting. No Bounce Tennis focuses on three different types of volleying: Forehand Volleying, Backhand Volleying and Smash (overhead) volleying. TENCO coaches use fourteen unique drills derived from their LTA training to execute these sessions at Cliff Drysdale managed locations around the US.

TENCO coaches and instructional programs are currently available at 14 US locations. These incredible coaches, awesome accents, innovative practices and unique cultural theatrics truly offer a one-of-a-kind training experience! For more information contact info@tencomanagement.com