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Why You Should Be Providing Rock-Solid “New-Hire” Training

By: Rachael Nuss

Have you ever been given vague directions to a new place and become frustrated, confused, or lost along the way? Employees without proper orientation and training can experience similar frustrations. Implementing a new hire training program in your company is essential to investing in and retaining employees. This post will provide guidance on training that will give employees the tools they need to feel more confident and succeed from the very start.

Providing a strong new hire orientation and training is the stepping-stone to employee productivity, retainment, and overall job satisfaction. High turnover rate can be costly to companies but there are many ways to reduce high turnover. For example, at Cliff Drysdale Tennis we provide one-on-one orientation with our new hires. In our orientations we discuss company history, culture, and provide guidance to make our new hires feel welcomed. Adequate orientation and training for new hires will provide them the confidence and tools they need to succeed.

It is valuable to provide a stable new hire orientation and process for new employees. The benefits of this type of orientation include:

1. Devoted employees. Employees feel more valued and supported when they are offered appropriate new hire orientation and training. Most companies fail at providing a memorable new hire experience by just setting up the employee’s workstation or throwing them into the field. Employees will feel more comfortable and loyal if time is taken to demonstrate their value during their new hire experience.

2.Constructive employees. If an employee is shown how to perform their duties in more detail, they are less likely to make errors. Employees will be more likely to follow the preferred procedures, processes, and perform to the best of their abilities.

3. More knowledgeable. With thorough training employees will feel better equipped to overcome challenges. Employees will also feel more confident in asking for clarification or guidance because of proper training. An employee will have started a relationship with the trainer within the company and have the information they need to be more successful.

4. Window of “New-Hire” training. It can be difficult for an employee to become successful if they are only trained for a few hours or for only one day. Training should be a longer process along the way for the employee. It can take time for the new employee to have new information sink in.

Keep in mind for employees to retain this new information they need to be properly engaged. It is important to keep the employee’s attention. It is important to engage your new employees early and beyond the first several weeks. In the very first class, our PTU pros learn is our company’s culture and how they play a big role in the Cliff Drysdale Tennis family. This is an ongoing conversation and philosophy we have with all our employees. Keeping your employees engaged and continuing training will make them feel more appreciated and valued. Another great way to engage employees is by creating goals.

Creating goals with your new hire is a great way for them to focus and have something attainable to work towards the first several weeks. In our PTU program our pros follow a curriculum and create individual goals for themselves during their training. Goals help them with establishing a step-by-step process and feel confident when they reach these goals. This will help the employee with getting into a habit of making goals, taking steps, and accomplishing said goals. When the employee meets their goal, provide them with recognition and praise. Positive reinforcement through being acknowledged goes a long way. Assigning a mentor for the first several weeks can also provide guidance and a “go-to” person for any initial questions or concerns.

A mentor can provide guidance in the workplace as an outlet for specific questions. A mentor is someone the “New-Hire” can establish a relationship with and feel more part of the team. This will make your employee feel more devoted and united within the company from the start.

If the new employee is properly trained and encouraged during their training, they will be more likely to remember the information and be ready to prosper. A consistent new hire training program can create a foundation of success, satisfaction, and retention among new employees.


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