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If your name is in GREEN, you have a van rental in your name that will need to be picked up at the airport. Please have your ID and company credit card ready, in order to pay for and pick up the vehicle.
If your name is in
YELLOW, you have been assigned as a driver to pick up team members from the airport. Please pay attention to the time you must leave the ranch in order to be at the airport on time.

Please DO NOT pack any checked bags (unless for international travlers who will be staying for an extended period of time).  You are allowed one carry-on and one personal item. If you feel you need to pack a checked bag, reach out to Scott for approval.

Once you arrive to the Austin airport, meet in the baggage claim area by the Barbara Jordan Statue (shown below). This statue will be located in the middle of baggage claim.

If you experience any severe flight delays or cancellations, please text Shawn at 518-572-4957 with your name and new expected arrival time.

If you did not receive your confirmation number, reach out to Shawn at to get a new itinerary sent.

Do not forget to check-in to your flight 24 hours before your departure time. If you are flying Southwest, this is very important, as you do not have assigned seating.


Having trouble viewing the schedule? Please click HERE to download a copy.

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