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Cliff Drysdale’s tennis management, tennis consulting and facility design services develop world class tennis and fitness facilities and staffing solutions that enhance and complement the vision of hoteliers, club owners and real estate developers worldwide.


Our team will work with you to develop a world-class tennis and fitness facility that will complement and enhance your vision.


  • Consultation and management of facility design and construction

  • Budget planning

  • Turn-key club openings

When designing tennis facilities, Drysdale’s signature touch includes some innovative features such as using stucco columns and soft nets as fencing; planting tall hedges and other local foliage as natural windscreens; and installing underground irrigation systems to keep clay courts moist throughout the day.


We customize each tennis management and consulting service agreements to suit your facility’s unique needs. You will be surprised to learn that for what you had intended to offer as a Director’s salary, you can obtain so much more through a partnership with CDT, as well as branding with a legend in the tennis and media circuits.

How will an association with our brand and tennis management or consulting services Improve your NET Results?

1. Measurable increases in hotel room night and real estate sales

The tennis community is tight-knit and brand loyal. Our company provides a consistent, quality level of service that is unparalleled by our competitors.

2. Programming Revenue Increases

Revenue increases associated with the adoption of the Cliff Drysdale Brand and Programs range from 25%-300% per year.

3. Improved Member Relations and an Increase in New Membership

Average yearly increase in new membership for Cliff Drysdale facilities is 30%. Your club members will also be eligible for benefits and special savings at Cliff Drysdale facilities world wide.

4. Staffing Support and Savings

CDT will staff your tennis facility with a Cliff Drysdale-trained Director of Tennis, as well as additional teaching pros and pro shop staff. Our staff must undergo stringent screening and all are trained in the CDT award-winning methods of club management.

5. PR, Advertising, Marketing Support and Graphic Design for your Tennis Programs

Our professional marketing staff will support your tennis program in the following areas:

  • Marketing collateral design and production, including newsletters, posters, flyers, cards, brochures and HTML E-blasts

  • Web page and social media account creation and maintenance

  • Press releases to our PR database including top writers and editors in the sports and leisure industries

  • Design and scheduling of promotional HTML emails to our database

  • Event planning and production support

  • Special events for your members and guests featuring Legends of the Game

  • Features in our EXPERIENCE Magazine, a tennis lifestyle publication available in print and online blog at


Cliff Drysdale Tennis understands that there are many questions, concerns and inaccuracies associated with engaging the services of a tennis management company for your facility. We have summarized the most frequently addressed concerns below and welcome an opportunity to answer any other questions you may have regarding our services.



   "Cliff Drysdale Tennis is going to come in and run things the way they want to..."

FACT - In most of our club management partnerships, We ARE NOT an owner or a lessee - we are agents of the Owner, Membership, or Board of Directors. We are similar to a General Manager only with greater resources. Our goal is to integrate with your club brand and culture, and to accomplish what your facility wants more productively and efficiently.



    "Cliff Drysdale Tennis is going to rebrand our facility and we will lose our Club's identity."

FACT - Your facility can choose to use our brand as much or as little as you choose - we offer you the choice and have vast experience in integration with some of the larger and more prominent brands in US sports and hospitality - including In-Shape Healths Clubs, The Ritz-Carlton and Omni Hotels & Resorts.



   "Cliff Drysdale Tennis is going to come in and terminate the current staff."

FACT - If the facility's current employees are mutually agreed to be a part of our managed solution, our intention is not to terminate anyone, and we will customize our agreement to include consulting with the Owner, Membership, or Board of Directors before making any staffing changes - we want leaders at every level, and those who are excited about service, quality, professionalism, career growth, and accountability will excel in our environment.



   "Cliff Drysdale Tennis is too expensive."

FACT - We are net positive in nearly all our management contracts when you consider cost saving in benefits, insurance, procurement, operational efficiencies, and employee and member retention before revenues are even considered. Our "management fees" are essentially the cost of the facility's staffing, and we work with our partners to develop customized formulas in order to subsidize these staffing costs with revenue shares from memberships, guest fees, and programming. Cliff Drysdale Tennis has demonstrated consistent growth over the last 17+ years, which is a testament to being able to deliver value to our partners.



   "Cliff Drysdale Tennis is so big and detached, we're going to get lost and not receive personal attention."

FACT - A smaller company with fewer resources cannot provide better and more individualized attention. From the top down, Cliff Drysdale Tennis is organized into departments and divisions with supervisors dedicated to guide each facility towards growth and success. Our club staff onsite is fully supported by the corporate team in the areas of accounting, human resources, and marketing, allowing the club team to focus on what they do best - enhancing and growing the customer experience on and off the court. Our corporate structure and scale is such that we can devote more diversified resources - not less- even as we add additional facilities.



   "By considering 3rd party management, we must've failed in some way to effectively operate our business."

FACT - Organizations of all scopes and sizes have relied on outside expertise to manage areas of their business in which they do not have a core competency, or wish to take to the next level which is beyond their capability. The most progressive and successful clubs in the country have realized this and have sought objective, third party management services. Being open to innovation and new energy will stimulate the growth and success of your club

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