Cliff Drysdale Tennis managed facilities feature a wide range of adult offerings, aimed at providing fun and engaging programs for players of all levels. Our team prides themselves on high energy, detailed instruction that allows players to improve at their own pace. While each location has unique schedules and programs, below are a few of our core offerings. 


This entry level 4 week course is aimed at new players or those returning to the game after a lengthly break. Weekly clinics teach players the fundamentals of the game: groundstrokes, volleys and overheads, the serve and return, as well as general rules of play. Even if you've never picked up a racquet, these clinics will get you started on your own tennis pathway with a solid foundation. (Note: Tennis 101 is offered FREE at certain points throughout the year; contact your locations Director of Tennis for more details)



For Tennis 101 graduates or advanced beginners returning to tennis, Tennis 201 is where you'll begin to refine your strokes and generate more power, spin and touch. These clinics are offered in 6 week sessions or drop-in weekly as available. After a few weeks, you'll be rallying with ease and ready trying your clubs wide array of tennis play options!



For ALL levels of player, cardio is a great workout and lot of fun. You'll burn more calories in cardio tennis than just about ANY OTHER fitness activity! Our cardio clinics feature fast-feeding drills and circuits that engage players with and without their racquet. 


For intermediate to advanced level players, our open clinics offer a blend of technique and instruction with live ball and point play situations. Here you'll see some fantastic rallies, fast paced games and lot of valuable coached match play scenarios. 



Whether your competing in a local community league or USTA sectional league, our pros offer customized team practices so that you can build chemistry with your teammates and learn valuable skills to apply to your matches! Typically available in season packages. 



Wether you're new to matchplay or are just looking for a fun, social setting, Sip N' Serve is one of our most popular new programs! Format includes round robin matchplay where you'll play with and against new players during every rotation. The session is followed by happy hour at the club or a nearby location. 


We offer singles and doubles ladder leagues for men and women where you'll play players at your level! Each week your results will bump you up or down, with the opportunity to compete against new players. 


Our clubs host USTA teams in singles, doubles and mixed doubles at a wide range of levels, typically from 2.5-5.0 NTRP. These teams host their home matches at our club, are offered seasonally. Contact your local Director of Tennis for more information on how to join or form a team.


Cliff Drysdale Tennis is aligned with key partners in the USTA and UTR in providing more playing opportunities for all juniors. Growing the game of tennis starts with our youth, and our programs are tailored to support each players game and goals. We believe in a pathway of Clinics, Lessons and Play Options. 


Featuring our lowest compression ball, red ball programs are typically aimed at children aged 5-7 and teach them key fundamentals of the game with the opportunity to have success in a shortened court setting. Players will improve hand eye coordination, footwork and much more.



Featuring a slightly smaller ball that includes compression, players aged 8-10 will be able to implement fast, advanced strokes but still earn the control and touch that is rewarded with the orange ball. These players train on a slightly larger court than Red Ball, but still abbreviated compared to a standard tennis court.



The closest to the standard yellow ball, green dot balls are for players 9-11 or advanced juniors who are beginning to rally and score in a full court setting. The slightly lower compression allows the ball to not bounce too high and teach good technique for our players. 



For ages 10+, we have a variety of yellow ball programs segmented by player level and experience. These include graduating ROG players as well as new kids and teenagers to tennis. 



For our advanced juniors, we offer specialized training with our world class team of pros. Here is where players will refine their strokes, understand tactics of play and begin to compete in sanctioned tournaments. 


Offered for Red, Orange and Green ball players, these one day events offer match play experience in a fun, welcoming team setting. Learn how to play and compete with your friends!


Can accommodate all levels of players, and features match play scoring against multiple opponents over a couple hours. Great way to improve and prepare for tournaments!


These events include UTR and Verified UTR, both of which will allow players to compete against players at their level. This is a great way to learn more about your game and improve your rating in a co-ed setting!


CDT managed facilities host dozens of USTA sanctioned tournaments each year, each based on player age and ranking. Contact your local Director of Tennis to learn more about tournaments offered in your area.