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Cliff Drysdale Tennis Joins ‘Try Tennis Free’ Campaign

Cliff Drysdale Tennis has announced it will offer free introductory tennis sessions throughout the month of May as part of the industry-wide “Try Tennis Free” campaign.

The broad-based “Try Tennis Free” campaign is managed by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), which is rallying the tennis industry to drive consumers to, where they can find tennis facilities and tennis teaching professionals who offer a free tennis session. “Try Tennis Free” seeks to have tennis providers and facilities offer a free introductory session, lesson, clinic or other event to help draw consumers—particularly new and returning players—into the sport.

“We’re excited to have Cliff Drysdale Tennis join our campaign and offer free introductory tennis sessions at their locations to get more people into the game,” says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. “Each location can offer whatever type of program or session they think will best encourage new and returning players to step onto the court.”

Free offers can include introductory sessions, lessons, clinics, Cardio Tennis, Play Days, and more. And while the push is for the campaign to run throughout the month of May, locations may want to make Try Tennis Free a year-round offering. Additionally, there have been modifications to tennis equipment, courts and play formats to make it easier for new players of all ages and abilities to learn the game, including new tennis balls (red, orange, and green dot balls), shorter courts and racquets, and formats that will have people playing tennis within the first session.

“We are dedicated to growing the game of tennis,” says Don Henderson, CEO of Cliff Drysdale Tennis. “Try Tennis Free at our locations around the country will greatly support our endeavors to bring more tennis to more people, and we could not be more excited to join the campaign!”

“Last year, during the inaugural Try Tennis Free campaign, tennis facilities and pros who participated saw an average of 30 new and returning players on their courts,” de Boer says. Importantly, Try Tennis Free has the support and partnership of the two main tennis-teaching groups in the U.S.—the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and the U.S. Professional Tennis Association (USPTA)—along with the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA), the national governing body of tennis.

“Our research consistently shows that 65 percent of people who begin tennis in introductory programming will continue playing the sport,” de Boer notes. “With ‘Try Tennis Free,’ we want to help people get over that initial barrier to play, which is finding a program that is right for them. Along with Cliff Drysdale Tennis, we now have hundreds of tennis facilities and teaching pros offering free introductory tennis sessions to get players of all ages and abilities into the game and enjoying all the health and fitness benefits tennis has to offer.”

Consumers should visit to find participating facilities and tennis teaching professionals that offer a free introductory session.


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