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Leaders Developing Leaders

By Rachael Nuss

Human Resources is much more than just a compliance department. Human Resources (or HR) also provides compensation, manages staffing, and teaches about safety and health in the workplace. In addition, HR acts as a liaison for employee and labor relations and professional development. At Cliff Drysdale Tennis, our HR department is the foundation of welcoming new staff members to the team. Our culture is centered around embodying a TEAM governed by the following principles: Commitment to service excellence, leaders developing leaders, passionate innovators growing the game and recognizing that every employee is an important part of the TEAM.

Cliff Drysdale Tennis is committed to service excellence and providing the ultimate tennis experience. HR’s role is recruiting and hiring individuals who have a passion working with people and want to provide a memorable experience to customers. We offer each new hire with a smooth on-boarding experience and an orientation where they learn about our company’s culture and expectations. Our leaders teach new team members how to maintain customer service culture in their facilities. Providing team members resources and training at the beginning equips them early on with the tools they need to offer an unmatched experience.

We strongly believe in leaders developing leaders on and off court at our facilities. From the ground-up we teach tennis professionals how to lead their team members and boost the game of tennis through the Professional Tennis U program. These students learn all aspects of our business in Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Coaching and Finance. The students have opportunities to learn and discuss with guest speakers and partners at multiple facilities. This program generates insight into our business, encourages innovators, and sets the foundation of being a part of the team.

We look for passionate innovators who want to grow the game of tennis and individuals who want to grow within the company. Tools to enhance communication are provided and open discussions are encouraged with our team members and leaders. HR regularly holds meetings for supervisors to come together to examine new ideas and problem-solve challenges faced by leaders. We believe in the importance of having open conversations and encourage harmony within our teams.

We recognize every employee is an important part of the team! HR promotes a smooth onboarding experience, an orientation, and a warm welcome to the Cliff Drysdale Family. HR teaches supervisors at each facility to provide an inclusive atmosphere for their team members. Providing a rock-solid orientation and training lays the foundation for a staff member to feel a part of the team. Feeling a part of the team aids in employee retention, satisfaction, productivity, and commitment to the company. Every team member within our facilities is considered an integral part of the team and we recognize their contributions.

HR manages the first stage of recruiting and developing the team. At Cliff Drysdale Tennis, we seek and encourage team members to provide commitment to service excellence, focus on leaders developing leaders, advocate for passionate innovators growing the game, and acknowledge every employee is an important part of the TEAM.


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