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PTU Profile: Finlay Wright

Name: Finlay Wright

Originally From: Troon, Scotland

Favorite Shot: The lost art of the one-handed backhand

Best Tennis Memory: Watching on from the front row as Federer played tennis with a kilt on

What has been your favorite event or program to teach during your time at Cliff Drysdale Tennis and why?  

Tennis 101 -  teaching players the fundamentals of the game. It is very rewarding as a coach to help people improve and achieve their tennis goals. It really is true when people say contribution is one of the surest paths to happiness. 

What part of being a tennis pro do you feel you've improved at the most during your time in the program? 

While I honestly believe the program has allowed me to develop as a coach in so many ways, the area I have improved the most in is planning and leading adult clinics.  

What advice would you have for those interested in joining the PTU program? 

Be willing to learn and embrace your strengths and your weaknesses. We all make mistakes and we all have pros and cons, but what's important is being able to identify the areas you struggle with and work on them.


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