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PTU Profile: Luana Stanciu

Favorite Shot: Backhand Best Tennis Memory: Winning conference in college! What has been your favorite event or program to teach during your time at Cliff Drysdale Tennis and why? I’ve been to two locations so far in Amelia Island, FL and Saltaire, NY and I honestly loved everything about the experiences I’ve had. But if I would have to choose, I think that teaching the Sip’n’Serve clinic in Amelia Island was my favorite. Just the amount of fun we would have on the court and how it didn’t matter the level that people were playing at, they all made it work together and you could see that everyone is having a blast!

What part of being a tennis pro do you feel you've improved at the most during your time in the program? I’ve definitely came a long way with my communication skills. I am a very shy person and public speaking is not amongst my strengths. Since I started working for the company I’ve been put on the spot and had to get out of my comfort zone and talk in front of crowds. It was a challenge especially because I worked at a resort where every week in clinics there would be new people and my anxiety was going through the roof. But I can say now that I became more comfortable with it and I’ve been working on it. If you could teach a private lesson to any person in the world, who would it be and why? Honestly, it might sound weird and silly, but I would like to have a lesson with my mom. I don’t think she’s ever played tennis, especially with me, and she’s a perfectionist so she can get pretty judgmental. I would like to see how that would go. It would be something fun to try and that would allow me to spend some quality time with her What advice would you have for those interested in joining the PTU program? I would say that this is a great experience for anyone looking to travel around, coach tennis and take their skills even further into the business side of tennis.


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