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PTU Profile: Michael Torres

Originally From: Corpus Christi, Texas

Favorite Shot: Inside out forehand

Best Tennis memory:  Long summer days at practice during first summer playing tennis.  Tennis was played from sun up till after sun down.

What has been your favorite event or program to teach during your time at Cliff Drysdale Tennis and why? 

Retreats and doubles boot camp events were phenomenal. The environment and people all combine together to create an amazing setting for tennis.

What part of being a tennis pro do you feel you've improved at the most during your time in the program?

Communication both on and off the court. Engaging oneself with others around you and creating an environment that is approachable for everyone to enjoy.

What advice would you have for those interested in joining the PTU program?

The program provides you with tools to becoming a better version of yourself. Learning all the traits of each tool provided to you (departments of corporate) will ensure growth on and off the court. Take time to learn the ins and outs.

If you could teach a private lesson to any person in the world, who would it be and why?

I would teach a private lesson to Nick Kyrgios. He’s a very interesting player who is good and seems to enjoy time on the court in his own way. Learning who the guy is and what tennis has brought to him is something I would like to know.

What advice would you have for those interested in joining the PTU program?

Enjoy the grind! This program shows you everything that it takes to be a leader in the tennis industry. Become a sponge so that everything that is heard and seen becomes a part of your thought process and actions.


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