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PTU Profile: Peyton Smith

Originally From: Azle, Texas

Favorite Shot: The Tweener

Best Tennis memory:  I was playing a friendly tennis match for our club team in college. We were having fun, the other team was trying to underhand serve. In the next game, I went for a fake underhand serve, aced my opponent and it ended up being match point and so that was very memorable. I didn't even know it was match point when I did it.

What has been your favorite event or program to teach during your time at Cliff Drysdale Tennis and why? 

We hosted a Barbeque and round robin during my time this summer at Arrowhead Vail. It was just a really fun event where everyone had a great time. We played in, grilled and were able to have a good time outside even while maintain social distancing!

What part of being a tennis pro do you feel you've improved at the most during your time in the program?

I've been a tennis pro for 5 years, and what I will say is that I’ve learned how to be organized and thoughtful in your intent. Much more planning and execution involved in delivering the on court experience that I'm used to, and that really makes a difference. The little things are what make you a better pro.

What advice would you have for those interested in joining the PTU program?

Be available, be open, and flexible. Be the person to say yes to everything and that will give the opportunities you need. One of my favorite quotes from the show Avatar the last air bender really speaks to me here: "good times become good memories, bad times become good lessons.”

If you could teach a private lesson to any person in the world, who would it be and why?

Not a specific person, but someone who is willing to go out on a limb and try something new. Typically a new player that wants to experiment and get out of their comfort zone. Those are the most rewarding people for me to coach.


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