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PTU Profile: Wes Lemke

Favorite Shot: Body serve

Best Tennis Memory: My senior season of college tennis my team ended the year ranked 9th in our division. That was an amazing improvement for a team that had only scored 2 wins my freshman year. What has been your favorite event or program to teach during your time at Cliff Drysdale Tennis and why? I have loved coaching the new Junior Team Tennis program at the John Newcombe Country Club in New Braunfels, Texas. The program is structured in a similar way to the academy programs that I grew up in, and I've been lucky to coach a great, hard-working group of juniors. Seeing the same players for so many hours and weeks in a row, you can really see them all making huge strides in their games.

What part of being a tennis pro do you feel you've improved at the most during your time in the program? Honestly I think I have improved most at being a "student of the game." I came into the program thinking I new a good amount about the sport of tennis, but I have quickly come to realize how little knowledge and experience I have from a coaching standpoint. Now I'm a little slower to get defensive when presented with new information or perspective, and I am much quicker and more proactive about seeking out new ways to understand or teach tennis concepts. If you could teach a private lesson to any person in the world, who would it be and why? Absolutely Stephen Curry. I started following his career and teams when one of my older brothers went to Davidson with Steph. His humility and work ethic are otherworldly, and he seems so easy-going that I think we would hit it off. Plus, his athletic ability would make him super enjoyable to coach. What advice would you have for those interested in joining the PTU program? If you are passionate about tennis and about making coaching your career, then just apply. This program is first class in the amount and variety of experience and learning opportunities you get. Beyond that - stay flexible, and keep an open mind. There are always new and interesting opportunities if you're open to them, and there are unbelievably smart and experienced coaches and leaders for you to learn from, if you're open to learning and changing.


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