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The Benefits of Learning about HR Early in Your Career

By: Rachael Nuss

Learn early and learn often, so the saying goes. In this brief article, we will explore a few roles of HR and the perks of understanding and applying these roles early in your career. HR consists of roles such as creating a positive and productive work environment, conflict resolution, reducing employee turnover, employee performance reviews, employee recognition and training and development. Possessing a basic understanding of these roles can set a foundation for employees to be successful, which ultimately can affect the company’s success.

A business is its people but within any business there is always the chance of conflict between employees. One role of HR is providing conflict resolution by guiding communication and resolving issues between employees – even before they arise. Knowing how to recognize potential conflict and professionally resolve conflict between employees can set the foundation for teamwork and opens up communication. Superb communication is essential for a satisfactory work environment which also effects employee retention.

Employee retention can stem from employee satisfaction and how fulfilled an employee is with their job. Research has shown it can cost up to 2 times an employee’s salary to recruit and train a new employee. The cost of job advertisements, interviewing and training a new employee can quickly add up to considerable costs to the company. One way to reduce employee turnover is by implementing employee performance reviews which can provide helpful, open discussions between management and staff members. Employee performance reviews can provide valuable feedback on the employee’s accomplishments in their role, as well as areas they could improve on. These discussions should also allow employees to give feedback to management. It is important that employees know their constructive input is valuable. People typically thrive more when they are recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. We are all on the same team so good communication goes both ways!

Communication can also provide insight on which areas employees struggle the most at their job. Providing training and development can be essential to employee’s satisfaction and overall performance. Knowing the training and development needs for staff members is very beneficial to the overall success of any company. Discovering what areas need to be trained and understanding how to provide that training is a must. Professional development is just another role of HR that can improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

In conclusion, the benefits of learning about HR early in your career is valuable with understanding the dynamics of employees and how that effects your company. Understanding employee’s concerns, deficits, accomplishments and providing guidance can create and improve an entire work culture. Without employees and teamwork most companies would not be where they are at today. Employees can make or break a business’s success!


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