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5 Reasons Facebook is Essential for Your Club's Marketing Efforts

By: Emilie Moeller

Think about the last time you visited a store or met a new person, and couldn’t find them on Facebook. Did you find yourself suspicious of their lack of social media presence? That skepticism is common in the modern era of social media. Today, a Facebook presence is paramount to most businesses’ success, including that of tennis clubs.

It’s important to note that by “presence”, we don’t mean a few posts here and there to remind your audience that you’re open for business. Instead, a “presence” describes a steady, authentic, and engaging stream of content that your audience can rely on seeing- and interacting with! Below are 5 reasons a strong Facebook presence is critical to not only your marketing efforts, but also your bottom line.

1. It’s where your audience is

Here are some stats for you (from Pew Research):

· 74% of those making $75k+ use Facebook

· 79% of 30 to 49-year-olds use Facebook

· 68% of 50 to 64-year-olds use Facebook

· 75% and 63% of American women and men, respectively, use Facebook

Does this sound like anyone you know? For most, these demographics comprise the bulk of membership bases. Whether you want to connect with new, current or prospective members, Facebook is the perfect place to do it.

2. It highlights your team’s personality and values

A tennis or club membership is a big commitment for most. It’s joining a new social circle, signing up to spend time with a new group of people for extended periods of time. In other words, prospects and customers alike will want to know that they’re signing up for a group that is fun to be around and aligns with their priorities. Facebook can be a great way to virtually introduce prospects to who your team is. Are you an advanced, intense group of pros who cater to the tournament player? Or are you a sociable bunch that just wants your customers to have a good time when they’re on court with you? These questions and more can easily be answered with a steady Facebook presence churned out by your team.

3. It delivers added value to your current customers

The relationship with your members and customers doesn’t stop at the tennis court (or at least it shouldn’t). Customers derive value from fostering an authentic connection with your business beyond just the court. By providing a steady stream of engaging, relevant content, you are demonstrating goodwill and an effort to keep them connected. Moreover, a solid Facebook presence can help keep your clients in the loop on current programming, offers and tennis industry news. Not only will this keep them engaged in your offerings, but it will ensure they’re never missing an opportunity to take advantage of all that you’re doing at the club level to maximize their membership experience.

4. It can grow your client base

The more consistent you are with posting, the more reach you will have at the virtual level. With more reach comes added attention and intrigue to your program. You’d be surprised how many inquiries originate from a glancing Facebook post that catches a prospect’s attention! This isn’t to say Facebook can replace your word-of-mouth strategy for attracting new customers. Instead, it should supplement that tactic to ensure you’re meeting your prospects at every turn with a variety of reasons as to why they should join your program.

5. It enhances your industry reputation

Your Facebook profile is essentially a one-stop-shop for industry competitors and partners alike to see what programs you’re offering, how satisfied/engaged your clients are, and what you’re doing to stay ahead of the curve both on and off the court. With dedicated Facebook marketing efforts over time, you can even reach the coveted status of industry leader- a title dedicated to those not only excelling on the club level with engaging programs and offerings, but also at the virtual level by demonstrating best practices for connecting, growing and retaining your membership base.


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