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Associate Feature: Daniel Lopez, Santa Ana Country Club, Costa Rica

"Daniel Lopez has been leading the team at Santa Ana Country Club from the first day the doors opened over the past 3 years and has built an incredibly large program that hosts a high-performance academy with the best juniors in Costa Rica along with a full slate of adult and junior club programs and events. We were approved to host 2 weeks of the UTR professional tournaments just 3 weeks from the first ball being struck. In that short period of time, Daniel and the team brought everything together and delivered a first-class experience and tournament for the players and Santa Ana members. The UTR staff were incredibly impressed and had high praise for Daniel and the team. Well Done Daniel!" ~ Scott McCulloch, Chief Operating Officer, Cliff Drysdale Management
" Daniel and the team at Santa Ana Country Club just ran two $25k+H professional tennis events. These were the first tennis tournaments ever run at the club. Daniel did a great job with the lead-up to the events in hiring the officials, finding sponsors, working with the hotel, preparing the site and many other things. It was great for the members to interact with the players and they thoroughly enjoyed watching the high-level tennis. The club brought in viewing stands and they were packed for some of the matches. The feedback from the players was off the charts as it was their first time in Costa Rica for many of them and they were very impressed by Santa Ana Country Club. Some of the players said it was the most professional and well-run event they have ever attended and they really felt like a professional tennis player during the event." ~ Alec Adamson, Universal Tennis Recruitment/Player Relations Testimonial


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