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Cliff Drysdale Tennis, a leader in the tennis management industry, has announced their new partnership with PHIT America to end childhood obesity in our nation.

The organizations will conduct outreach to local schools surrounding the 30 Drysdale-managed tennis and fitness clubs around the US by offering tennis playing opportunities to school children, who otherwise never may have had the opportunity. The goal is to encourage a physically active lifestyle, exposing the kids to a fun activity they can pursue as a family and for life.

PHIT America, a 501c3, was started by tennis industry veteran Jim Baugh and has the support of more than 100 companies, including over 20 in the tennis industry. PHIT America also has been working with the Sports & Fitness Industry Association to get the U.S. Congress to pass the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act, which would allow Americans to use their health savings accounts to pay for physical activity expenses, such as tennis lessons, clinics, court fees and equipment.

Among other initiatives, PHIT America is also helping to get more children active and healthier through programs such as PHIT KIDS Charity events. Research shows kids who have physical education in school are three to four times more likely to play tennis and other sports outside of school.

“Physical activity is critical to the health of children. Sadly, too many children in the U.S. these days are sedentary. The efforts of Cliff Drysdale Tennis will help get children physically moving on the tennis courts and will help introduce them to a life filled with physical activity and fitness," says Mike May, Director of Communications, PHIT America.

“Our partnership with PHIT America exemplifies our mission to bring tennis and a healthier lifestyle to more families,” states Scott McCulloch, VP of Operations for Cliff Drysdale Tennis. “Physical inactivity is a national problem, but to be most effective we need to band together to solve it at the local level. Far too often competitive sports and fitness programs are perceived as intimidating not only to children, but also their parents. We strive to create fun, no cost pathways to introduce tennis to families and share all the ‘Fitness, Family and Friends’ benefits of this great game.”

For more information about PHIT America and their initiatives, visit

To find the perfect introductory tennis fitness class or program for your family at a Cliff Drysdale club near you, contact Scott McCulloch at


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