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Cliff Drysdale “Signature” Tees Now Available From Tennis Fasion Retailer LoveAll

Cliff Drysdale's exclusive "Swing is the Thing" tee shirt is now available through CDT partner LoveAll!

Cliff Drysdale Tennis announced LoveAll apparel as the presenting sponsor of the 2016 Ladies Tennis Retreats in November 2015, and have since expanded their partnership to develop a signature line of tennis tees with fun motivational quotes by Cliff Drysdale.

"We're thrilled to offer this fun fashion line that expresses Cliff's love and passion for the game," stated Kimberly Arena, VP of Sales and Marketing for Cliff Drysdale Tennis. "We hope to present a new deisgn every year, with purchase opportunities online, in our shops and at our signature events around the US. These super soft, comfortable shirts will be the new favorite tennis player's tee both on and off the court!"

Founded in 2009 by Kim Cleary and Shelia Bishop of the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, LoveAll specializes in uniquely designed clothing relating to various sports. The tennis apparel line has become highly sought after, especially by female players ages 29-65. Today, LoveAll supplies products to over 250 retailers across North America and Europe, and tennis industry giants including the WTA, USTA, and Mylan World Team Tennis.

CDT customers are invited to use code CDT10 for 10% off and shop online now!


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