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Cliff Drysdale Tennis Announces Exclusive Partnership with Techlight

Cliff Drysdale Tennis, a Troon Company, has announced an exclusive partnership with industry leading lighting company Techlight. The partnership makes Techlight Cliff Drysdale Tennis and Troon’s preferred lighting vendor for all tennis, pickleball and paddle lighting structures.

Techlight and the Sports Lighting Division have been committed to offering personal and friendly service with quality products at an economical price for over 35 years.

What our sports lighting products will do for you:

  • Maximize maintenance and labor savings

  • Decrease your facility’s overall energy consumption

  • Deliver a more controlled, uniform and usable light than your traditional lighting systems

  • Increase the playing day and allow your facility to accommodate more athletes and matches

“This is a fantastic partnership for our clubs and partners,” said Scott McCulloch, Chief Operations Officer for Cliff Drysdale Tennis. “Techlight’s products are always high quality and provide facilities with the best lighting structures in the industry. As we take on new contracts and build new courts, Techlight will be a major asset in our growth.”

Contact their National Sales Director, Beau Summersill, for a free quote and to learn more about their promotional programs! For more information about Techlight, please visit:


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