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New Community Fund Dedicated To Improving The Lives Of Others Through Tennis

Cliff Drysdale Tennis has announced the launch of The Cliff Drysdale Foundation, a donor-advised fund managed by the NBACF. Don Henderson, CEO and Kimberly Arena, VP of Sales and Marketing of Cliff Drysdale Tennis will advise the fund, with a mission of providing support through the game of tennis to organizations and programs that enhance the lives and well-being of others.

“We are thrilled for the launch the Cliff Drysdale Foundation,” stated Arena. “Since the inception of Cliff Drysdale Tennis, we have had the honor and privilege to be a part of so many successful philanthropic endeavors which have raised over a million dollars for charitable organizations of all sizes and scopes. We look forward to continuing this tradition in Cliff’s name for generations to come with targeted efforts through tennis to better the lives of others.”

The Foundation is dedicated to raise funds through the tennis endeavors of Cliff Drysdale Tennis and their partners; providing grants for improving the quality of life of children and adults, people with disabilities, and others with special needs through tennis and education programs and events that are based on health, fitness, character-building, and self-improvement.

For more information about the Cliff Drysdale Foundation, to sponsor events, or to make a donation, please contact Kimberly Arena, Fund Advisor at or call (830) 625-5911.


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