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Growing the Game: Attracting, Converting and Retaining Adult Beginner Tennis Players

Our marketing and director of tennis teams from across Cliff Drysdale Tennis are constantly refining our Grow the Game strategy for adult beginners as we learn from our semi-annual Free Adult Tennis 101 programs. This data derived from a recent round table learning session contains some keys to the adult beginner "ATTRACT => CONVERT => RETAIN" marketing cycle in the tennis industry. We strive every day to spread our love of tennis and put more racquets in the hands of more people!

Where do we attract the majority of adult beginner tennis players from?

"Parents of juniors, friends and family referrals, social media advertising, corporate team building, schools/teachers, fitness industry professionals"

Why do nearly 30% of adult beginner tennis players try one class and never return?

"Signing up solo vs with a friend or family member, intimidation from being taught too many technical aspects at the beginning and not focusing on having fun, being the slowest in the group to progress or show natural athletic ability"

What are the common traits of an adult beginner that progresses into becoming a "core" tennis player?

"Signing up with and completing the program with family or friends, or making friends in the program, incorporating a social tennis event at the close of the beginner program, having a next level 'Tennis 201' paid clinic program to progress to, wanting to be able to play with their significant other or child."


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