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  • CDT Staff

Indian Creek Country Club Ranked In The Top 50 Platinum Clubs of The World

Indian Creek Country Club, the most exclusive members-only club in South Florida not only boasts a first-class Cliff Drysdale Tennis program led by Alisa Buslaieva, but it also ranks among the Top 50 Platinum Clubs in the world.

The 2015 Platinum Clubs® of the World, represents the standard of Excellence for the finest Private Golf and Country Clubs around the globe. Utilizing the Platinum Clubs of the World six Criteria, the Platinum Clubs® of the World Panel (comprised of 100 Private Club industry experts and golf connoisseurs) completed their confidential Ballot consisting of 630 Clubs from 58 Countries over a 30-day period.

Club Leaders Forum have conducted the pre-eminent recognition of Private Clubs in America for over 20 years – Platinum Clubs® of America. This is the second biennial election for Platinum Clubs® of the World, which has quickly established a position of great respect throughout the elite Private Clubs around the globe.

The Top 100 Clubs who received the most points were awarded Platinum Clubs® of the World status.


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