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Where Are They Now? Trevor Spencer, PTU

The Professional Tennis U (PTU) Program was launched in January 2019 to develop well-rounded tennis professionals who were equipped to run their own facility upon graduation from the program. The "Where are they now?" series looks at how these employees have grown and developed inside -- and outside -- of the company.

Trevor Spencer grew up in San Angelo, TX. He has played tennis for over 14 years both competitively and recreationally. In 2018, he graduated from Angelo State University with a BS in Kinesiology and two years later earned his Master's degree in Coaching/Sports Administration. Following graduation, Spencer joined Cliff Drysdale Tennis as a member of the PTU program based out of New Braunfels, Texas. After his completion of the program, Trevor worked as a tennis professional at Omni Amelia Island Resort in Amelia Island, Florida before being promoted to Director of Racquets at Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, Florida.

How has your first Director of Racquets role been so far?

It has been good but also challenging - there are quite a few aspects to manage, from court maintenance to managing the pro shop to learning the point of sale system and keeping everything organized. There are a lot of "off-court" duties that come with a Director role that I am still learning about. However, it's been a fun challenge to take on and I do enjoy being responsible for all aspects of the program, versus just the on-court delivery.

Are there any lessons from the PTU program that have been especially helpful in your first Director role?

I would say many of the Operations lessons have been especially helpful in my first Director position. The POS system in particular was something I remembered learning about but did not have much experience with until I got to Hawks Cay, so it has been valuable to have those teachings to rely back on as I navigate the system on my own.

Are there any new events or programs you have planned for the summer?

Since Pickleball is a new addition at Hawks Cay, we are still working on finding the right balance of tennis and pickleball clinics to offer throughout the week. I think going into the summer, we will increase the number of tennis offerings to allow for more open play time on the pickleball courts, which has been especially popular with families and resort guests.

What have you enjoyed most about working at Hawks Cay Resort?

Hawks Cay is a beautiful destination with a very relaxed atmosphere, so I feel very lucky to call it my "office". While I haven't had much time to explore the different amenities they offer, I am looking forward to checking out some of their dolphin programs. I heard you can have a meet and greet with the dolphins, so that is definitely something to try while I'm here!


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