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3 Keys to Retaining Your Club Members

Providing an amazing on court experience is just one key to retaining our members at Cliff Drysdale Tennis clubs. Our team understands there are a multitude of strategies needed to maintain low attrition rates and membership growth. Below are some examples for best practices in regards to customer communication and membership retention.

  1. Provide Creative and Consistent Clinic and Event Offerings​

Community: Group clinics bringing together people who have similar goals​

Consistency: Quality fitness and skill building programs on a regular basis deliver real

results for members​

2. Member Engagement – Phone Calls, Emails, Text Messages, Social Media, In Person​

The IHRSA’s 2017 report confirmed something similar in its findings. It found that every two

interactions a member of staff has with a member in a given month result in one extra visit

from that member the following month and this additional visit reduces the risk of a

member canceling by 33%.​

The same report says that social interaction is very important to members. 90% of club

members say that they value communication from staff members. ​

3. 12 Month vs Rolling Contracts​

IHRSA examined over 1.47 million members from 456 health, racquet and sports clubs in

the United States in the three-year period of 2012 to 2015.​

Members who joined and committed to 12-month membership agreements had a higher

rate of retention than ​members who joined month-to-month without any commitment.​

Over the same period, more and more clubs moved toward a month-to-month model. Of the

1.47 million ​members examined in the study, 80% were on month-to-month plans, while

20% were on 12-month agreements.​


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